Hand Crafted in Philadelphia using traditional book binding techniques, ClipBook® improves both the function and aesthetic of traditional clipboards. It's patented design uses an arrangement of magnets to turn your loose papers into a protective hard cover book.

Can I get my initials foil stamped onto a ClipBook®?

Yes, for $7.95 you can  have up to 6 characters foil stamped in gold on the inside clip of your ClipBook®. We have one font selection and it is all caps. This can be added in the drop down menu at check out.

What are the dimensions of ClipBook®,
and what paper size can it fit?

ClipBook® is 9"x12" and is designed to fit standard 8.5"x11" paper and will also fit A4 size paper (210mm x 297mm).

Is ClipBook®,  available in other sizes?

ClipBook® is offered in both 9"x12" classic size as well 6"x9" Mini size. We do custom sizes for large bulk orders as well (75+ Units).

How many sheets of paper can ClipBook® hold?

Depending on the thickness of the paper ClipBook® can hold 20-30 sheets of standard paper More can fit, but the angle of the hinge becomes obtuse and the magnetic field is weakened, which is why we recommend limiting it to about 25 sheets.

Can ClipBook® hold legal pads?

Yes, but the thick cardboard spine of most legal pads is much thicker than standard paper sheets, which keeps the magnetic hinge from closing properly and thereby not holding as strong. We'll be launching another version of ClipBook designed specifically for legal pads shortly, so stay tuned!

Will ClipBook’s magnets affect my credit cards?

No, according to our product testing and our magnet supplier. However, it's still good practice to not place your credit cards or wallet directly onto the magnets of ClipBook.

Will ClipBook’s magnets affect my laptop,
phone, or other devices?

No, according to our magnet supplier. We asked, and since most of today's devices use solid state hard drives and flash memory, they are not affected by magnets. Even older devices that use traditional disk drives are not usually affected unless in rare occasions if the magnet is much stronger than our's and is put directly up to the hard drive. That said, it's still good practice to not place ClipBook directly onto your laptop or other device.

Can I have a custom ClipBook® with a
company logo foil stamped on it?

Sure can,  ClipBook® is a great fit for corporate gifting, a one of a kind menu holder for your restaurant, or an innovative clipboard alternative  for your small business! Send an email to hello@clipbookshop.com with the quantity of ClipBooks you are interested in.  Any custom logo requires us to make a stamping die with your logo on it. The die along with the set up fee is $150 USD. This cost is divided between the total number of units purchased. This is a 1 time fee, the die can be used for future orders .

Can I invest in ClipBook®, LLC?

We are always interested in investment opportunities! Just send your contact information to hello@clipbookshop.com and we will be in touch.

What exactly is a ClipBook®?

Handcrafted in Philadelphia, ClipBook® is a reinvention of the clipboard.  It’s a stylish and innovative alternative for on the go paper storage. ClipBook® takes your loose papers and turns them into a protected hardcover book!